Day: August 4, 2011

Mum-ME time! R2BC

Sometimes you need a break. I’m not talking about a weeks holiday on a sandy beach – although that would be nice. Just an hour out of the day to day grind. It can be hard work looking after small children. Whenever you really need to get on with something, they get more clingy. They’re not exactly sympathetic if you’re sick or stressed out. It’s constant. Having the children has really made me appreciate peace and quiet. An uninterrupted shower seems like a great luxury. Being able to listen to the radio in the car, without answering questions about why we have windscreen wipers is quite nice. Waking up when you’re ready, without a baby alarm clock screaming at stupid-o-clock – well that’s just unimaginable bliss. So this week, while I was at holiday at my parents and while my husband was off work, I took whatever small opportunities I could to have some time on my own. You can’t even take a picture on your own when you’re a parent! 1) This week I finally got my hair cut. I’m a quite low maintenance girl anyway but it had got to the point even my four year old was telling me my hair had got too long. It’s amazing the difference you feel with a small thing like a hair cut. It’s such a confidence boost. I’m not...

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