Day: August 8, 2011

Listography: Things I’d change about myself

Listography this week is 5 things I’d change about myself. I like to think I’m pretty self aware. Like Mr Darcy says “I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding.” 1) I thought I would take a straw poll of the house and ask what are my main character flaws. Apparently, I can’t take criticism?!? Me: You don’t think I have anything I need to change about myself, do you?Husband: Well you can’t take criticism.Me: Can’t take criticism, what do you mean?Husband: You get really defensive.Me: No I don’t.Husband: But if I ask where my football shirt is you think I’m saying that you never do any washing and the house is a mess.Me: No. It’s just it’s very hard to put all the washing away when the babies are around because they pull it all out. I can’t leave them downstairs or they’ll break things. It would help if you would put some away sometimes, and why can’t you say something positive. You should say 3 nice things for every negative thing you know….Husband: ?Me: Um….well…maybe you have a point. So number 1 is that I would be less defensive and accept criticism graciously. 2) The thing that drives me mad about myself is I have a complete inability to keep track of things I am holding. I would love to never lose or...

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Great South Run – Week 1

I have just heard that I can run the Great South Run for Tamba (twins and multiple birth association see I have exactly 3 months to prepare. I’ve been doing bits and bobs of training up till now – but would ideally be a bit faster and more comfortable. I was thinking of applying a few months ago. I was getting back into exercise after having twins but need a goal to keep me motivated. I even managed to persuade my brother to sign up. Then everything went wrong. Within a month both twins got chicken pox, and my husband was knocked off his bike. Training – and everything else went out of the window. By the time it had all calmed down and I started to think about running again I had missed the deadline for general applications. Luckily I heard I can run for Tamba with just enough time to train for it. As long as I can fit in 3-4 runs a week including a long run at the weekend I think I can do it, and hopefully raise a bit of money. The only problem is I have 3 unpredictable quantities in my daughters – will they sleep will they remain healthy? A lot depends on them. The Great South Run is a ten mile road race in Porstmouth. The course is completely flat and...

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Back to reality

You know how some days you feel like super mum? Everything goes perfectly, the kids are well behaved, you effortlessly multi task. You feel you can accomplish anything. Be anything. Well this wasn’t one of those days. I should have been in a great mood beacuse I started the day with a lie in. When I woke up at 9.30 all was quiet and peaceful. But today I’ve had a huge work strop. No it’s not me going back to work – it’s my husband. He’s had two weeks off. We had a huge list of jobs to do and have, of course, done none of them. Instead we’ve had lots of time to play with the girls, and just enjoy time as a family. I have no right to be grumpy. It was his turn – he had it pencilled in. We try to make sure only one of us is in a bad mood at a time. It’s made worse by the fact it’s a week of lates. We’re lucky at the moment that at least he doesn’t have to work nights. But with lates I have the whole evening on my own. Dinner, bath, bed – they’re all much easier when there are two people on duty. So I totally over reacted over a broken cup. I only bought it a couple of weeks ago and...

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