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How to Carve a Pumpkin Teapot

pumpkin teapot
Are you looking for something a little different for Halloween this year? Are you worried your ghoulish guests will go away thirst? Well look no further – this spooky pumpkin tea set is guaranteed to delight for friends and have all the neighbourhood spooks lined up at the door hankering after a good old brew.

Pumpkin Teaset – perfect for any friendly ghosts

Whilst carving pumpkins I had a brilliant idea for making them even more fun. The pumpkin looked the exact same shape as my tea pot. Being something of a tea lover it seemed a really good idea.

Anyway if you want to make a pumpkin tea set (though I’m not sure anyone other than me would want to) carve your pumpkin as normal and add some pumpkin coloured playdoh or modelling clay to make the spot and handle. We used orange and brown playdoh. Carve a few oranges, this needs a very sharp knife and is very fiddly. Add handles. Then Bob’s your Uncle a spooky tea set for all your ghostly guests to drink out of. Just don’t try to really make tea in it.

The writing on the front is my blog address – all those children popping round to get some free treats – it seemed like too good an opportunity to do a bit of sneaky blog promotion to miss! Here is how the pumpkin looked  at night.

I am linking to the What?Wednesday meme
Mammasaurus 'What?Wednesday'

Author: Rebecca

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  1. Cool! And spooooooOOOooooky!

    You've given me spooky inspiration for next weeks What?Wednesday now ;)

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  2. That's stunning! Love it, love it, love it!

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  3. That's fab! I don't think I'm up to carving What? Wednesday into pumpkins but you have given me an idea for the village school pumpkin carving comp!!

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  4. This is brilliant! I love it :)

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  5. I love your pumpkin teapot! Such a creative idea.

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  6. I think this is possible the cutes and funnest pumpkin carving activity!!!

    Has anyone contacted you on the W?W prompt?!

    Thank you for taking part in Kids Get Crafty!


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  7. Ih my gosh, that is amazing!!! Thanks so much for linking up to Fun Sparks, and sorry for the late comment. xx

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  8. That was Emma @sciencesparks by the way. xx

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  9. That's a great What Wednesday! Thanks for commenting on my bra post – I have unspammed you – you had been in my spam for a couple of days!

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