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Fairy Homemade Play dough

homemade playdough

Up until recently I have always bought play dough. This isn’t really a very shocking confession – it’s not like saying I give my children fruit shoots (actually I do this too – I know there is 9 tsp of sugar or something in them but often they are the only thing available) Bought play dough is cheap and colourful and easy. We always had homemade play dough growing up and I have my mum’s best recipe somewhere which I will have to find so really there was no excuse not to at least try it.

homemade play dough

The reasons I thought I’d give it a go with the twins is firstly that I’ve seen so many brilliant play dough recipes on other blogs which look so much more enticing than the bought stuff. You can add colours and glitter and different smells like chocolate and make it really  multi sensory. The other reason is that while I love baking with the children I find it impossible not to eat everything we make, two years after the twins were born I really have no excuse to still look pregnant with twins so I really need to get my baking fix some other way.

play dough pretend cakes

Look no calories!

We have been slightly obsessed with fairies recently, I blame that cheeky minx Tinkerbell. So the obvious choice for homemade play dough was fairy colours. I used a lovely recipe from The Imagination Tree for white play dough using corn flour, which I thought would mix some beautiful pastel colours. While you’re over at The Imagination Tree check out her post about the benefits of play dough. It’s gorgeous, and I defy anyone not to want to give it a little try after looking at the ideas there

We split the dough into three, keeping one white and adding food colouring in colours pink and green to the other two. Into the mix we added lots of glitter in the right colours and it really gave it a lovely sparkle.

play doughThis play dough has lasted for ages in the fridge. On the first few days we made lots of fairy shapes using a fairy shaped biscuit cutter and decorated them using beads.

fairy play dough

We also made lots of fairy cakes using the play dough and used cake cases and birthday candles to decorate.

cupcake play dough

The fun thing about play with children is that they never do quite what you expect. While Rose enjoyed sticking the candles in the cake and pretending to blow them out, Charlotte was more interested in the candle holders.

play doughShe spent ages making patterns in the play dough with it.

play dough

So am I going to go back to bought play dough? No way! Although I do need a bigger fridge!


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Author: Rebecca

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  1. I’m inspired-to the cake baking aisle!

    Out of interest, how early did you start playing playdough with any of your girls? x
    Mouse recently posted..The Best Worst PlaceMy Profile

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    • The twins are two and I’ve only started in the last month. They do still put things in their mouths but it is very very rarely. I still watch them like hawks though. The good thing about homemade play dough is that it’s all natural ingredients. It wouldn’t taste very nice, especially if you add salt so they won’t try it for long. Have a look at The Imagination Tree (http://www.theimaginationtree.com/) and Nurturestore (http://nurturestore.co.uk/) Their play dough recipes are amazing, and so inspiring.

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