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End of Year School Photo

last day of Reception

I saw this pin on Pinterest which shows a brilliant idea for an end of year photo. Unfortunately the pin just leads to their homepage. This is an easy photo to set up – just take a photo on the first day of school and then blow it up large so they can pose with it on the last day. It’s such a visual way of seeing how much they have changed in the year. It would be good to do when they have their very last day at school before leaving too.

Author: Rebecca

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    • Yes, and the start of the holidays is definitely something to be proud about!

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    • She was really proud and excited to be going to her new class in September.

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    • Thanks, It was one I saw on pinterest. I will have to find the original link.

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    • It does look a bit like that. I think I needed to make the first photo a bit smaller.

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