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Sisters by David Mcphail

Sisters is such a charming book. It has soon become one of our regular favourites. I picked it out without knowing anything about the story or author so it really was a bit of a gamble. The story has a simple idea, the sisters are very different and it lists the things they love and hate showing how different they are. Of course there is one special way they are the same! The illustrations are very sweet and the two sisters in the pictures are full of character. It reminded me a bit of one of my favourite children’s author’s: Shirley Hughes.


I wanted to have a way for the girls to express themselves and their likes and dislikes as in the story. As we have lots of wrapping paper left over from Christmas I decided to draw round each of the girls and let them write (or scribble) what they like best inside.


I was slightly surprised how much they enjoyed this activity. The loved seeing what they looked like once we had drawn round them.

Molly wanted to draw round her baby doll too.


Inside I started to write all the things they loved. Molly really enjoyed this part and had a huge long list.


I like how she wrote some of her list in each of her fingers.


Afterwards we cut the sisters out and hung them in the hall. The girls loved standing next to their picture. Charlotte was especially taken with hers and kept going back to give her kisses.


Next I want to take all their ideas and put them into a little book following the story. If I get chance I will link that up too!


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