If there’s one day for every mum to let out her inner diva, Valentine’s Day would be it. But this can mean many different things to different women, depending on each one’s sense of style and fashion philosophy. That’s why we’ve put together this all-inclusive guide to creating a V-day look your partner will love.

Before you can choose lipstick and high heels, you’ll need an ensemble to guide you. Here are three looks for three different scenarios.

The red dress. It’s the colour of love, and this Valentine’s Day it can be your signature style statement. Opt for a red skater dress to both show off your gorgeous legs and turn heads — including his. The Te Amo Red Cut Out Skater Dress comes complete with embellishment in the shape of a heart cutout near the neckline that will get you in the spirit for lovers’ day.


The understated pants suit. Toe the line between flirty and fierce in an understated pants suit in black, white or a combination of the two. Make sure it’s tailored to fit you snugly so that you can still sport your feminine curves to balance out the a well-covered silhouette. Add a plunging neckline, and your date will find you irresistible.

The casual day out ensemble. Are dinner dates not your thing? If you’re meeting your Valentine a little earlier in the day, you can still pull off a romantic look by shimmying into a lace-y playsuit, such as the Parisian Cream Lace Belted Playsuit from New Look. Pair it with bright espadrille platforms and you’ve got a fun, fashionable ensemble that can help you ignite an old flame or spark a new romance.


As important as it is to choose the right outfit for your Valentine’s day date, your look won’t be complete without accessories. Try on these extras for size when you’re in the final stages of getting dressed for your romantic time out.

The bag. Feminine ensembles are so often paired with dainty clutches, especially for date night, but mums may have too much in tow to limit themselves to a tiny hand bag. Opt instead for one of a variety of stunning tote bags that combine on-trend prints with a structured shape. The Fiorelli London Leopard Print Belsize Bag, for example, makes a great companion to all of your ensemble choices.


The extras. Then, focus your attention on hair and makeup. Since it’s Valentine’s day, opt for a true red lip colour with a matte finish to evoke old Hollywood glamour, and keep all other makeup understated so that your lips can steal the show. Pair your makeup with big-barrel curls, diamond earrings and a soft rose scent. Now you’re ready for a date.