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Wild Art

I’ve been wanting to make some Wild Art with the girls for ages and we have been waiting patiently for the leaves to start falling off the trees. This is one of the 50 Things to Do Before You Are 11 3/4 activities for the National Trust. It’s a great list of fun activities to do outside.

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First we looked at some Goldsworthy artworks on the computer. Molly thought they were Kandinsky at first because that is what she has been studying at school. I love how he doesn’t use tools but searches in nature to make his art work. It is such a great thing to do emulate.

These are some of the things we talked about:

  • What is it made of?
  • Is it permanent?
  • How long do you think it took to make?
  • What colours can you see?
  • What does it remind you of?
  • Why is there a hole in the middle?

With young children (my eldest is 6) I like to emphasise that there isn’t a right or wrong answer when it comes to art. That they can have their own opinions about it and they might feel differently about it to someone else and that is fine.



Wild Art

I hadn’t been planning to do this during the week. It seemed a bit more like a weekend activity. On Tuesday the weather was warm and mild and as the girls came out of school I knew they had some excess energy to run off. It seemed the perfect time to head to the woods. I let them run around collecting sticks and leaves at first. We didn’t really have a plan but Molly was keen to make a circle. I would have loved some red leaves but the woods were still looking very green.

Wild Art


The girls sorted the leaves into three colours, green, yellow and brown. They loved collecting the biggest sticks they could find.

Wild Art

We arranged the leaves into circles with the green in the middle and yellow then brown. The sticks went around the edge.

Wild Art

I loved the freedom this gave the girls as they ran around getting sticks. The wood was so quiet although we got a few strange looks from dog walkers and joggers.

Wild Art

When it was finished we thought it looked a bit like a leaf or a giant eye.

Wild Art

They were very proud of their art work and for once I didn’t need to encourage them to pose for a photo.

Wild Art

After it was finished I asked if they wanted to leave it for someone else to find or to jump in the middle. You can guess their reply.

Wild Art

I have to say this was one of the best trips to the park we have had. There were no grumbles or accidents. I think the sense of shared purpose really made it feel special. They were a mini team working together. We do usually make dens when we are in the woods, but this is definitely going to be added to our list of regular activities.

Wild Art

For more Goldsworthy inspired art

Andy Goldsworthy for Kids from RedTedArt

Inspired by Andy Goldsworthy from The Imagination Tree

Look here for our Kandinsky Art work for kids.


Kandinsky art work to make with kids - a fun way to learn about art.

I also have a Pinterest board you could follow for Art for Kids

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  1. That’s so lovely! I think autumn is my favourite season! and I love being in the woods when the leaves start to fall – maybe we’ll have to have a go at some wild art!
    Mary Keynko recently posted..Being rude!My Profile

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  2. Such a great idea. I pinned then 50 things to do right away, and might try some wild art with my boys in the weekend.
    How do you get your toddlers to cooperate, by the way? I always see twin parents do amazing things with their kids, but when I try the same with my three year olds it always ends in destruction. Maybe I’m to impatient, or they are just too wild…
    Elisabeth recently posted..this momentMy Profile

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  3. I absolutely love this! My 3yo’s very creative and we’re into our nature strolls right now, so this is perfect. I also really like the idea of looking at art together and talking about it, and as you say, nothing is right or wrong. Thanks so much for inspiring me :) Oh, and popping over from the Pin-It party, so have pinned!
    The Reading Residence (@ihavecards) recently posted..A Ramble and a CrumbleMy Profile

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  4. Love how they were more than happy to pose with their creation! When kids are part of a creative process they’re usually much more adventurous, hence getting them involved in growing/preparing food minimises the chance of picky eaters. Inspirational post!
    Aisha from Expatlog recently posted..Playing In ParisMy Profile

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