coffeeby YukiNoSato

 When you’re leading a full-on life it’s easy to forget to take a little time for yourself each day. This is a mistake. We all need those special moments each day to just “be” for a few minutes; relaxing, talking with friends, or taking time alone – but taking it easy and NOT talking about work.

It’s probably fair to say that women are better than men when it comes to talking about the things that are important in life – but more and more women seem to be just too busy all the time in today’s world of mobiles devices of all kinds and the omnipresent Internet!

One good way around this problem is to force yourself to take special quiet moments using a day’s natural trigger points. Of course, bedtime is the natural choice, but many busy women fall asleep as soon as they go to bed as they’re imply too exhausted to take a little time to themselves.

Lunch and dinner are the other obvious times, but again these are often too hurried or are business-related or, for those of us with children, can be anything but relaxing.

A good trick is to keep the tea / coffee break special. So rather than seeing it as a quick break where we get a quick caffeine fix to get us going for the next hour or two, if we can make it extra special and a moment to be cherished, it can re-energize your day much more positively.

With coffee, this is easier to do than ever before. There are countless excellent brands of coffee available now – even in vending machines. The whole experienced has been transformed from what it used to be a few years ago. For example, Caffe Cagliari now supplies Nespresso machine compatible capsules which help take the humble coffee vending machine experience to a whole new level.

Is quality over quantity type of approach helps keep these moments as something we come to relish – brief shining moments of calm during our busy lives when we can be who we really are for a short while before returning to the grindstone. And these moments are very important.

Giving yourself a little time a couple of times a day to just relax and remember what is important to you can have a transformational effect.