Month: January 2017

Children’s Bedroom Decor: Christmas and Beyond

Christmas is a magical time for children. It is the part of the year where they all have something to look forward to and everyone wants to make them happy. Whether it’s music, activities, films, presents, trips and holidays, children can enjoy December immensely and there is so much you can do with them to help them make the most of this. One method is through decorating their room. Decorating for Christmas is an activity a child can look forward to all year and so there’s no reason to keep things simple. Rather than just decorating the living room...

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How I really cope with twins

I posted last month about what replies I’d like to give to the silly questions about having twins. One question isn’t actually that silly and that’s: how do you cope with twins. When Molly was born there was a set of twins in our postnatal group and I remember wondering how the mum coped especially as I was feeling completely out of my depth at the time. It’s a natural question, I guess. Having one young baby is hard enough let alone two. So here are a few things which got me through the last 18 months. 1. I...

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