Month: April 2017

Family Time

As a busy mother, it recently occurred to me just how important time out to relax can be. Within this post, I’m looking at the many ways us busy mums can take time out for ourselves (even if it is midnight by the time we have a minute)! A long soak There’s nothing like a relaxing bath, with candles, bubbles and maybe some relaxing music in the background. Obviously, it’s not always easy to get half an hour to yourself but on that odd occasion when you do it’s the perfect opportunity and you’ll appreciate the time a lot...

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How to create the perfect family kitchen

It’s where you prepare meals and, often, where you all eat together as a family; you can get a cool drink there in summer and in winter it’s the cosiest room in the house. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s at its best when full of laughter and delicious cooking aromas, but how can you design it to make everything perfect? Making it efficient Kitchens need to be well organised. Your sink, bin, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities should be close together for ease of use, with space for storing mugs nearby. A sink with...

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Things to do with kids in London

London has a lot of things to do. That is a simple fact. Not all of them are suitable for kids though, but many of them are great for the whole family. Here are some amazing ways to spend your day and keep the kids entertained at the same time. Museums London has some of the best, most thorough and well-loved museums in the world. The Natural History Museum and Science Museum can be a full day trip each if you want to really get the most out of them. They both feature children friendly exhibits including great things...

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