12 ways to stop social media taking over your life

February 27, 2012

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So you have realised you have a problem. Perhaps it is with blogging, facebook or twitter. This did start as a frivolous post but actually it might have a serious point. Like any new hobby it is easy to become immersed in it and forget there is a real world out there. Social media is such a life line. I think the reason there has been a huge surge in mummy bloggers is that so many people are at home with the children often far away from family and friends. It’s very easy to feel isolated.

So many funny or awful things happen in a day and there is no one to share them with. Not many working partners can receive hourly updates about what is going on back at home. So there is definitely a place for it. Of course this is in no way a one size fit all. Everyone has different lives and what might work for one person won’t suit another. Some people might have partners who want them to spend hours online instead of talking to them.


12 Step Program

1. Admit you have a problem.
2. Limit how long you spend on social media each day.
3. If possible only use social media when you are on your own
4. If other people are there make sure they are occupied and happy you are online.
5. Don’t cancel real life engagements for virtual ones.
6. Put the mobile, laptop or computer down when you are having a conversation.
7. The same goes for the dinner table.
8. Have a few days off every now and then, you can always schedule posts or tweets.
9. If there’s something you have to do then finish it before you go online. It’s amazing how that five minutes can spread to fifty before you realise it.
10. Pause before posting. Make sure it is something you want online for the rest of eternity.
11. If you have big news tell your real life family before your virtual family.
12. If you are in physical danger then get yourself to safety before you update your status.

If any of these steps make you wince then it might be a good indication you have a addiction. Let me know if you disagree or if I have left anything out.

In the meantime link up your home page. I will pop round and feed your habit, I mean offer you words of advice and encouragement. Try to visit a few other blogaholics. Grab a badge and tweet using the hashtags #blogaholics or #twitterholics to let others join the cause.

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