13 Beautiful Lavender and Ombre Purple Hair Colours 

September 16, 2021

Ombre purple hair style

Fashion Tips and Ideas for Ombre Purple Hair

Creating ombre purple hair is not like taking a walk in the park. Most colourists don’t have the required experience of dyeing hair lavender. So, you can’t just walk into any salon and expect to come out with the best hair colour you had in mind.

It is important to look for the best hair colourist in town if you want to look like the queen of hairstyles.

Research Instagram and hairstyle websites

Find the look you want and research to the specific type of dye process that you need.

Take a look at these lilac and purple hair colour tips and find your beautiful, unique style.

Use this information to speak with stylists and get an understanding about their knowledge.

Ombre purple hair
Purple haze hair style

Purple Haze

Wow! Is there a better way to start this list, other than with this smokey lavender haze hair look?

This beautiful gradient begins dark grey, and then shade melts slowly into smoky lavender, with bright lilac ends.

It is a great look for winter and suitable for women with neutral-pink skin undertones.

Flower Garden Ponytail

This combo of lavender and violet hair hues in this hairstyle reminds us of the gorgeous and fragrant spring farm. The impact of the shaggy curls and crown double ponytail is sleek, sexy and ideal for spring.

Retro Purple Gradient Waves

These 1950s waves are ultimate softness and sophistication, even if you select infrequent gradient hues of lavender hair hues. By maintaining the base dark, you make sure that the upkeep is effortless. 

Purple Ombre Double Braid

This ombre grey black violet hair hue is elegant, but it also reveals how ombres lend themselves to beautiful hairstyling. This hair colour is typically a side ponytail braid that is included into Dutch braid-the impact resembles that of painting; impossible to know where it begins and where it ends.

Messy Lavender Mermaid

This is a very straightforward look incorporating vibrant lavender strands coloured throughout. However, maintaining the tresses somehow shaggy, and combining flattering layers at the front frames the face perfectly. 

Metallic Lavender Lob

Tousled curls are usually fashionable, and makes this long bob hairstyle appear a little bit funkier and shorter. Ombre lavender hair shades are all stylish and chic, with grey, purple hair at the top melting into a metallic light lavender. 

Warm and Cold Balayage

This duo-toned purple hair balayage is a beautiful mixture of warm and cold hues of purple that looks excellent on all skin tones. Maintaining the base dark saves you from making frequent visits to the salon.  The combination of the subtle half not at the top and relaxed curls is a sleek and seamless look.