20+ No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

October 14, 2019

20+ no carve pumpkin ideas-2

Carving pumpkins is one of those activities which seems fun at first but which ends up being much harder work than you expected. Instead of the hard carving, why not try some no carve ideas instead. Here are a range of different ways to decorate your pumpkin, all without carving it first. You can spray paint the pumpkin or use melted crayons or paint to colour it.


Emojis are still so popular and they are the perfect pumpkin shape.

Emoji Pumpkins DIY


With the new Frozen movie coming out soon, this Olaf pumpkin is bound to be a big hit.

Olaf pumpkin


If you love princesses then why not turn your pumpkin into a beautiful carriage like Cinderella’s. You shall go to the ball!

Cinderella pumpkin carriage


There is a small amount of carving on this one, just to make a lid on your tea pot, but it is still super easy.

Pumpkin tea set


This spider pumpkin is very creepy, but oh so easy to make.

Spider pumpkin - a spooky Halloween decoration made form a pumpkin
These cute pumpkin houses are adorable and perfect for small world play.
Floral Pumpkin DIY from Down Red Bud Drive
If you’re looking for something more grown up, then try this stylish floral pumpkin design.
Vinyl Monogram Pumpkin from Printable Crush
Use vinyl and a circuit to make a monogrammed pumpkin.
DIY Crayon Drip Pumpkin from Thrifty Jinxy
For some hands on art, get your children to try this colourful crayon drip pumpkin.
Decorating Mini Pumpkins from Organised Island
For a simple yet sweet design use Washi tape on mini pumpkins.
Gratitude Pumpkin for Thanksgiving from Coffee and Carpool
For a meaningful pumpkin try this thoughtful idea at Thanksgiving.
Spray Paint Pumpkins from Crafty Moms Share
Lots of different ideas for spray paint pumpkins.
Indian Corn Pumpkin from Crafty Moms Share
Googly Eye Pumpkin from There’s Just One Mommy
You can’t go wrong with this googly eye pumpkin.
Crayon Drip Pumpkin from There’s Just One Mommy
Another stunning crayon drip idea.
Paint and Glitter Pumpkin from There’s Just One Mommy

Sparkly Gemstone and Sequin Pumpkins from There’s Just One Mommy

You can’t get more glamorous than this sparkly gemstone and sequin pumpkin idea.

Hammering Nails in Pumpkins from There’s Just One Mommy

If you’re working on motor skills and getting life ready then try using nails to decorate your pumpkin.

Contact Paper Pumpkins from Non Toy Gifts

Contact paper is a cute and easy pumpkin decorating idea.

Rainbow Heart Pumpkins from Happiness in Homemade

These pumpkins are super pretty and make a colourful alternative to traditional Halloween designs.

Pour Painting Pumpkins from Simple Fun for Kids

Colourful process art with paint.

Fluorescent Pumpkin from Simple Fun for Kids

These pumpkins will light up.


If you love pumpkins then why not try some pumpkin themed activities. Here is a round up of lots of different things you can make and do with pumpkins.

25 Pumpkin activities for kids.

If you want to keep these ideas then pin them for later so you can give them a try.

Pin for later!

20+ no carve pumpkin ideas for Halloween

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