Last night we had a blackout. The lights went out and all the alarms went off in the local area, so I knew it wasn’t just us. I had spent the evening watching the news, with a rising feeling of fear. I’m usually fine with blackouts but last night I felt cold, hard fear. I honestly thought that somehow the looters had managed to attack the power grid. It seems a bit silly in daylight but at the time it felt like anything was possible.

It was worse because I was alone in the house with my daughters. Luckily they were all in their beds and sleeping soundly. I was worried already because my husband was out on the mean streets of Birmingham – don’t worry he was working – not rioting! I somehow thought I would be able to go on the internet but everything was down. I had also only just started charging my mobile so had about 2 minutes of battery. I sent a text to my husband saying what had happened, and asked facebook if everyone else had lost their power – but before I could read any answers the phone switched off.

The only thing I could do was look through pictures on the computer. This helped a bit. I found it calming to look at pictures of happy times and the smiling faces of my family.

So my long list of things I was going to do before going to bed was redundant. I finally fell asleep to the wail of alarms, the police helicopters passing overhead and dogs barking.

I can’t feel glum looking at this photo