I was half not meaning to write a Reasons to be cheerful post this week. Mainly because I haven’t been feeling very cheery. Then a strange thing happened this morning. My baby alarm clock is normally set to six o’clock. She wakes me with a piercing cry of disgust that we have left her on her own – every morning without fail. This morning I must have forgot to set the time because she didn’t wake until 8. What’s more she woke up happy!

I would love to say this meant I had a lie in to the (these days) ridiculously decadent time of eight fifteen, but no. her big sister had woken at six thirty so I was already awake. What I did get was ten minutes to have a shower, completely to myself. To me that is the unparalleled luxury of a half day in a swanky day spa. Bliss.

It made me think what other little things do I need during the day to keep me cheery. So here’s my list.

1) Regular hot drinks – preferably on the hour
2) Food at regular intervals – that I can eat while it’s still hot and without a little person sitting on my lap.
3 ) Reading time – can be a novel, magazine, paper, blog – anything – I will read the cereal packet if there’s nothing else in front of me.
4) An hour or so in the evening completely to do what I want in.
5) 10 hours sleep

Ha! I know the last one is a pipe dream with three children but you’ve got to aim high. So what are your essential things to keep you happy?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart