I don’t really believe in the concept of guilty pleasures. Unless it’s harming yourself or other people I don’t think you should be guilty about anything that makes you happy. That said there are of course certain things I don’t go around bragging that I like. You don’t want people thinking you’re uncool do you? So perhaps they should be called secret pleasures instead.

1) My name is Rebecca English and I’m a Gleek

Glee combines my two favourite “guilty pleasure” genres- teen high school drama and musicals. I am not really ashamed of watching it – as it’s good trashy fun. What I am ashamed of is that I have got EVERY SINGLE ALBUM on my ipod. Also they come up in my playlist of 25 most played. Oh dear.

My husband thought I’d got into the band Kiss when I was playing this. Um no. 

2) Magazines
No I don’t read any which are on the top shelf, in case you were wondering. It’s just the cost of them really – they are £3 or £4 a time – you can get a paperback for the same price these days and I buy them quite regularly. I also love getting my daughter magazines. It’s much nicer than getting her sweets when you’re in the shop. I try to do it that we can only buy a new one if we finish the old one. At least hers are educational I guess.

3) Minstrels

4) E channel
One good thing about not going back to work was we had to cut back on our TV channels. The best thing about this has been no Nick Jr. No more adverts (although we do miss Humph and Ben and Holly) My daughter got so bad she would say she wanted everything when she didn’t even know what it was.

For me it has meant going cold turkey on the E channel. If you’ve never seen it then it’s a mix of celebrity gossip and reality shows – mainly starring the presenters of the gossip shows. Yes I did keep up with the Kardashians but every time I did I died a little inside.

5) Strictly Come Dancing
Yay it’s back on soon. They talk to much and I hate the voting, but there’s something about watching people learning to master a skill that I find interesting. I also Love Claudia Winkleman’s show it Takes Two and that’s on every day. Ace. – I mean I watch it if it’s on but I’m not – like – obsessed with it or anything.


The big disappointment to me has been the ice skating one. Yes Torvill and Dean are amazing – but the rest of the show is bad. I should love it more because I adore ice skating, and it’s the only sport I actually enjoy watching. Too many adverts, too many judges, way too much talking and voting and repeating what we’ve already watched.

DISCLAIMER: I do also love The Wire.