I quite like September – crisp Autumn days, a fresh start, new season clothes.  I never minded school so I don’t have bad associations. This September my eldest daughter is starting in reception so we have reached a big milestone. I am apprehensive about the new routine and will miss our chats, the twins are are lot of fun now they’re one but their conversation consists of “shoe” “Grandad” “dog” and “ta” along with the occasional bite or slobbery kiss depending on the mood.

Here are the things which will get me through the season. Hopefully.

1) Sweeties
Who doesn’t love a bit of bribery? Last year we had lots of trouble getting my daughter to change out of her uniform when she got home from school. Any time I thought – oh well leave her to it – she would end up in a complete mess. A little reward helps to sweeten the process sometimes, at least until it becomes a habit. Now just need to teach her to put her uniform away neatly and not leave her shoes in the middle of the hall and we’re sorted.

2) Stickers
Back to school means lots of uniform which needs name labels. I don’t mind a bit of sewing but don’t really fancy doing 20 odd labels. Last year I bought some brightly coloured iron on labels from Easy2Name. They lasted all year and meant it was easy to see which clothes belonged to my daughter as they have a little picture on as well – so great for children struggling to read their name too. I really liked the shoe labels as well. It’s not the cheapest option but I think they’re lovely and my daughter could choose her own design (this wasn’t sponsored I just think it’s a great product!)

If you’re reading this before 30th Aug then there is a competition to win some of these labels on  92three30 blog.  http://92three30.com/?cat=61

3)  Stationary

Even though I am not going back to school this year, and my daughter doesn’t need her own stationary, I still like to stock up. I’ve bought her some sharp school pencils ready for her homework. I always have to buy a new diary in September. Is it wrong to miss having deadlines to write in it and then highlight in different colours? Apparently I only need a small diary now because it only has things like “tea with the girls” in it! Humph. Well I think that’s still deserves a pretty book to write it down in. I love a fountain pen too for the writing.(… that’s an early hint for Christmas in case you missed it!)
4) Soup
My favourite seasonal lunch. I like to have a big pot of soup on the go during Autumn, Winter and Spring. I just can’t eat it in Summer. I put in meat from whatever roast we have that week, and the stock if I can be bothered to do it, it’s such a horrible job. Lots of veg, whatever is leftover or if there is nothing in some frozen veg. Pasta or rice. Lentils or beans. A bit of spice or herbs. Tinned tomatoes, sweetcorn. Spice or herbs or woucester sauce and sometimes some coconut milk if there is any left over. I like chopping all the vegetables, it all turns to mush so it doesn’t have to be perfect and it makes you feel like a proper cook. If I don’t have time there’s always Covent Garden Soups. 
5) Sandwiches
My daughter says she’s looking forward to school she’s just a bit worried about having lunch there. She’s never done it before and she doesn’t know what colour the chairs are. We have bought her lunch box, no it was not the cute cupcake one I was trying to steer her towards, but Peppa blooming Pig. We are doing lots of practice of opening packets and cartons and trying lots of different sandwich breads and fillings so she will have a range of things to eat. At the moment if I ask what she wants for lunch she say a ham sandwich, not sure that’s entirely appropraite in a Peppa lunchbox though. We also have lots of sandwich cutters so I can make her lunches into pretty shapes.