ShowOff ShowCase

 About two weeks ago we were at a friends’ house and my daughter started going on and on about wanting to find a ladybird. The day before she had found about ten in my brother-in-law’s garden so she thought they were easy to find. It was my fault to tell her to look for ladybirds as she was the only non toddler there and I thought it would keep her entertained. We had had a busy day, a morning at the soft play with her school friends, then lunch in the park and she was at that tired whiney stage where she clings onto one idea and won’t let it go.
The whole way home she carried on. “I want a ladybird, I want a ladybird. Why can’t I have a ladybird?” I spent the whole way explaining that I couldn’t just magic a ladybird for her. We were very lucky to find so many the day before. There must have been a nest. We were unlikely to find one again.
I thought I’d convinced her.
Then we arrived at our house and she suddenly started shouting “There’s a ladybird, look look!” She has a pretty active imagination so at first I thought she was just pretending. Then I noticed that there was in fact a ladybird on the windscreen. It was orangey red with no spots. We looked on the internet later and saw that ladybirds are born without spots. Something I hadn’t realised. We then found the pupa on the car which was orange and spotty but I couldn’t get a picture of it. Here is the little fella. Thanks for proving me wrong – matey!

On the way down to visit my parents this week, my daughter did not go to sleep and talked and talked for OVER TWO HOURS! We saw a deer crossing sign and I stupidly told her what it meant and reminded her of the film Bambi. The next several miles were filled with the refrain, “I want to see a deer. I want to see a deer. Why can’t we see a deer?”
It was with a big sense of relief that we arrived safely at the front door and found there was no deer on the windscreen.