This Summer I mainly: played with the children, tidied up, changed nappies, made dinner, washed up, went running, wrote my blog, read, talked about babies and children, and ate too much ice cream. All good but not really very interesting – so I thought this week I’d write it from my daughter’s perspective. This was her last Summer as a pre schooler. As of Thursday I will have a proper `schoolgirl. I hope she’s had a lovely Summer full of sunshine, fun and adventures. This is what she got up to.

1. Kite Flying
I love these photos. I had been carrying a really cheap pocket kite in my voluminous changing bag for months but I thought it’d be rubbish. It was the hit of the summer and only cost a few pounds. I can’t decide which is my favourite, so I’m including all of them.

2. Swam in the sea 
She’s always been nervous of the sea. This year she just ran in and loved every minute of it. Although, she was a bit worried about sitting down after we saw a crab!
A bit nervous at the start of the Summer
3. Jumped – a lot

4. Went camping
Molly went camping this Summer for the first time with her dad. She didn’t get a lot of sleep so she had a nap in the afternoon. She NEVER naps. Here are her twin sisters trying to wake her up. 

 5. Bike riding
She’s so proud of herself and looks for every opportunity to show off her new skill. Hopefully she’ll be able to bike to school once a week, at least. Much more interesting than walking.