I’m fairly relaxed about this parenting malarky second time around. The twins make a huge mess at dinner (well all the time actually) eat a range of foods some of them shock/horror unhealthy, sometimes miss their nap, play in the mud and sand and generally carry on like two wild animals. I’ve had to be more relaxed because you can’t watch two babies every second, especially with a 4 year old as well. I was not so relaxed with their big sister and I admit I went to extremes, especially with healthy eating. I had a thing about not giving her sugar until after she was one, even making a sugar free birthday cake. This time around I was happy as long as the twins had their five a day, so yes they did have ice cream before their first birthday but hey everything in moderation right? Just don’t tell Molly.

But there is one issue that still makes me stressed. That is drink. I tried so hard to only give my daughter and milk water but it was a losing battle. Every time I tried to wean her off squash she would spend some time at a different house and would instantly be addicted. I’ve read all the guidelines for children (see nhs http://www.nhs.uk/Planners/birthtofive/Pages/Drinksandcups.aspx) squash can cause poor appetite, tooth decay and diarrhoea, great! I also worry about the sweeteners. It’s very hard to find squash without any sweeteners and no one really knows if they are harmful. I guess I’m just paranoid about anything with zero calories that tastes good. So at the moment the girls all drink squash, a small splash, but it’s still there. It’s the one thing I feel guilty about.

So while I worry about the squash issue it was great to be sent some vouchers for Innocent juices to have as a special treat. Smoothies and juices are so delicious and because they are a high end brand it feels like a luxury. It is reassuring to know they are 100% fruit juice. Fruit juice is recommended for toddlers and young children because of the vitamin C content but should be diluted with water and only given with meals. The juice was a great success, both were enjoyed by the girls, although my four year old preferred the apple juice because it was smooth. If only I had been sent these juices while I was pregnant as the only time I had any cravings was for fresh orange juice with bits in during the last trimester. It shows how the twins must have sucked all the essential nutrients from my body.

To celebrate the juices range Innocent have added some fun games to their website. My favourite is the Keep ’em Peeled game, although it shows how shocking my memory is these days. Would blame baby brain but I think it’s just getting old. Shamefully my four year old did better than me but I’m not telling you my score. http://juice.innocentdrinks.co.uk/games/peeled   

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was sent some vouchers for Innocent juices. The views expressed are my own.