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Dear girls,

These are the things you should know about Daddy, if you don’t already.

1.) He was in a band. Yes that is in the past tense. Ok I’ll admit it – I am Yoko to his Lennon. His band wanted to practice more than once a week. I was a new mum. I had been a good supporter up till then, but on top of a job with unpredictable shifts and a firm footie commitment every Thursday, it was easy to feel abandoned. I don’t think I ever said, “cut back on the practices.” I didn’t have to. Anyway, being in a band is cool right? I’m sure he’ll tell you all the stories, when you’re older. In fact I’m sure you’ve already cut him dead mid dialogue, with a “yes Daddy, I know you were in a band, you’ve told me that already.” Children do withering so early these days.

2) Linked to that is that he will want you to sing. At the moment you all seem to love a good sing song. I only need to start the first few notes of one of your favourites and you all gather round and join in. I picture us all in the future around the piano or guitar, singing songs together. Lovely. Unfortunately that’s not what I mean. I have always been a big let down to your Dad. Before you lot came along and we had to squeeze all our free time into 2 hours in the evening, we used to write songs together. This bit I liked. It was/is the recording part I’m no good at. I find it stressful and I don’t like hearing myself back. Perhaps one of you will enjoy it. I hope so.

3.) You’ll never win an argument with him. On the surface he’s laid back and easy going. It seems like he’s twisted around your little finger – and in lots of ways he is. But if there’s something he really feels strongly about you may as well save your breath. I have a feeling some of those things he feels strongly about will be skirt length, curfew time and boyfriends.

4.) He’s brilliant in a crisis. I think it confirms his slightly cynical world view that everything is going to go wrong. When it does – he seems to go into a higher gear – while I panic and dither about. I’ve done some pretty stupid things over the years and every time he calms me down and sorts it out.

5.) But I suppose the main thing is that he loves you unconditionally. You are the centre of his world. You’re so lucky to have him as your dad. I hope it’s something you never take for granted. He’ll watch whatever you do with interest and praise, will cheer on every achievement no matter how small. He’ll read you stories long into the night and teach you to ride a bike – all those things a dad is supposed to do. He tells you every day you’re beautiful and amazing. I sometimes tell him off because he says you’re more beautiful than all the other girls – but really isn’t that what you want your dad to think?
You’re already Daddy’s girls. I had the first year of your lives when you only had eyes for me. But now when he comes home you rush to him with such delight and he doesn’t have enough hands for you all.

What can I tell you about your father? This picture says it all.

Love Mummy

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