I watched one of the twins playing with her toys today. She was trying to squeeze a large toy brick into one of the holes in her shape sorter. There was no way it was going to fit but she was getting so frustrated. Although, she’s only 15 months she’s already going through the terrible two tantrums. She screams with frustration and there’s nothing you can do to help because you can’t tell her it’s just too big.

I feel the same way about my evenings. Every night I have a whole lot of plans for what I’m going to do with my precious child-free time, and it’s just not possible to squeeze it all in. The girls are in bed and asleep by eight (if we’re lucky). In order to get eight hours sleep I should be in bed asleep for eleven. This gives me three hours. This is what I wanted to squeeze into that very small amount of time.

  • Clean up kitchen
  • General tidy
  • Mop floors (not going to happen)
  • Write blog post
  • Reply to comments on blog
  • Read other blogs
  • Do a bit of work for my dad
  • Have an intelligent conversation with the hubby (no that’s not likely either)
  • Run – 3 miles
  • Shower
  • Get things ready for school tomorrow
  • Watch last episode of Torchwood
  • Read book
Ok nothing too difficult, but they all take time. What has happened so far is that the eldest didn’t go to sleep for a while. She suddenly remembered she’d been told off at school and was distraught. I can totally sympathise because I hate getting told off too. It was a bit of a garbled story – something about touching the play equipment at lunchtime. So after sorting that out I managed to tick a few things off the mental list. I did the tidying, did a bit of blog writing, ran and showered. I guess I picked the things I enjoy the most.
Writing and reading have always given me a feeling of flow. That mental state where you are so absorbed in what you’re doing you don’t notice the time, or that you’re hungry, or that your bottom’s gone numb because you’ve been sitting still too long. So it’s not hard for me to choose any activity which involves either of those.  
So it’s twenty to eleven. That reasonable bed time is looking possible, as long as the twins don’t wake up.  I could even fit in mopping the floor. I might just check my emails first, and twitter, and see if there are any new comments on my blog, oh and add a comment to that great blog I was reading on my phone earlier…Aaaagh!

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