Should you ever feel guilty about pleasure? I don’t think so – especially as we all work so hard. We deserve a few treats now and again. But if I spent more than quarter of an hour sitting down reading I would feel guilty – just because I know there is so much to do.
I remember a day before the twins were born when their big sister was still small. I got took her round my in laws for the afternoon because we were getting something done to the house, I can’t remember what, but it meant I didn’t want a little person running around. So I couldn’t really do anything, just be there to check everything went well and make lots of cups of tea. I spent the whole day reading. Bliss. Of course there are many, many days before that when I did the same thing – but I didn’t realise then time was so precious.

I’m a bit nervous to check out the guilty pleasures this week. I hope they’re PG. Have a feeling it’s going to be lots of pictures of chocolate and wine!