I’ve been concentrating so much on getting my daughter to school, getting the uniform and the lunchbox ready, preparing her and me emotionally, that I didn’t really think about the main benefit of her being at school. I suddenly have lots of time to spend with the twins. I was a bit worried that I would miss her chatter, it’s nice to have a conversation with someone who talks in sentences rather than one word. However, it’s lovely getting to know the twins a bit more.

Normally we are busy rushing from one activity to the other, or playing at home with the big girl toys. It’s been nice getting out the blocks and the shape sorters and giving them time. I’ve sang more nursery rhymes this week and the girls have loved joining in. Everything feels a lot less rushed, like I’m not desperately trying to squeeze in everyone’s different needs.

And then of course there’s nap time. The twins haven’t been sleeping well at night so they’ve really needed a nap during the day and have – wonder of wonders – gone down at the same time. I’ve managed to do a few jobs – the house is looking marginally tidier. Well for five minutes. I’ve even got in a cheeky nap or two myself. I remember when my daughter was a baby and I always used to go back to bed when it was nap time. Bliss.

So while I miss having a big one around. There are definitely benefits.

Just the two of us

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