It’s a funny, light-hearted listography topic this week. Who out of the whole celebrity firmament would I like a beer with. Hmmmm…. I have a few problems with this one.

  • I don’t drink beer
  • If I did get a night out and managed to book a babysitter I would want to spend it with one of the neglected people I actually know.
  • Most celebrities, while fascinating, don’t strike me as people you’d actually want to spend any time with.
  • Oh God I’ve got nothing to wear!
Then I pulled myself together and realised that this is just pretend so it really doesn’t matter. So here’s my list.
1. Stephen Fry. I know he regularly tops these sort of lists, and there’s no need to wonder why: erudite, and funny – he’d be great on a quiz team too.
2. Cheeseburger Elvis. He’d know how to have a good time.
3. Adele. Exceptionally talented, beautiful and bitingly funny. And she’d finish the night with a beautiful song. 
4. George Eliot as she was better known. Wrote my favourite novel ever! Middlemarch. Well my favourite at the moment. I’d love to know how she did it. And why couldn’t Dorothea marry Lydgate?
5. Marge Simpson. The most recognisable celebrity mum there is. How does she cope with three kids, how does she put up with Homer? What are her top tips with running a family? Finally, how does she get that lovely blue hair?