I’ve lived in the West Midlands for over ten years now. Solihull is my home. The only thing I struggle with is that at times I feel homesick. How can you feel homesick when you’re at home? It’s at its worst when I’ve been down south for a few days. It takes me a day to adjust, to get back into the swing of my life here. I suppose it’s harder because I get so spoilt down south – I don’t have to do any shopping, cooking  or cleaning. Cups magically wash themselves and I even get the odd night off and lie in.

I love the journey into Solihull, especially in spring when the verges are lined with daffodils, but it still doesn’t have the excitement and familiarity of the roads into Gosport, that first sight of the sea, the slight salt tang in the air, going past all the familiar sights and landmarks. I would have thought that after ten years in the same place I would begin to feel that about here.

However, there is so much about this place that I love. I think it’s telling that while nearly all my friends moved away when they left school, most people here seem to stay. Being in central England, while meaning you are as far away from a beach as it’s possible to be, also means it’s convenient getting everywhere in the country. There’s so much to do: ice rinks, farms, theaters, theme parks, fantastic shops, castles, safaris and zoos – are all within a short distance.

My favourite places are the parks and canals. There are some lovely places to walk. I love Hatton Locks, Sutton Park, the nature centre in Cannon Hill Park, Elmdon and Bruton parks. They are all lovely and well kept.

Elmdon Park

They almost make up for the lack of beach. Almost.

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