“Mummy, who did put the colours in the rainbow?” my daughter asked, wondering into the living room as I was changing a nappy and stopping the other twin from scribbling on her sister’s head.

“Um, I’m not sure,” I reply, “but it’s a lovely song, who put the colours in the rainbow? Who put the salt into the sea…..”

“Stop singing I can’t think,” she says, wondering off again and leaving me to the chorus and all those cats and bats and rats.

Later when we were having dinner she stopped and put her fork down. “I know! I’ve just remembered -Todd!”

“Todd, who’s that sweetie, a new friend?”

“No mummy, the one who put the tail on the monkey.”

“Oh right,” I say, still baffled. “Is that a game you were playing? Was it with Todd?”

“No mummy! The song, the song!”

“Ah,” I say as realisation slowly dawns. “I think you mean God!”

Wot So Funee