I took lots of pictures, in what will probably be the last rays of Summer, this weekend. The colours were autumn browns and reds and golds. I love these colours but my favourite is blue. It’s such a dreamy, calming colour. I love a lavender blue, the colour of the sea on a calm day and the eyes of my children. So I had to return to these photos, which I took at the start of the summer.

I love to take pictures of my daughter, but unfortunately she hates it. She never looks at the camera. For some reason I caught her in a cooperative mood, she had things to hold, her new ball and the lavender, and we were having such a lovely time she forgot the camera. I’m also pleased her clothes matched the lavender exactly. Sometimes it all comes together.

So the colour I have chosen to name is Lavender’s blue. To name your own colour and raise money for UNISEF and vulnerable children around the world head to the Own a colour website.

Of course I couldn’t get through the day without singing one of my favourite lullabies
Lavender’s blue, dilly dilly, 
Lavender’s green 
When you are King, dilly dilly,
I shall be Queen

Call up your friends, dilly, dilly 
Set them to work 
Some to the plough, dilly dilly, 
Some to the fork 

Some to the hay, dilly dilly, 
Some to thresh corn 
Whilst you and I, dilly dilly, 
Keep ourselves warm