I thought I’d have a try at self promotion this week and see if I can drum up some more followers for the blog. It didn’t go quite to plan, however. I think I have a way to go to become the next Jodie Marsh.

My plan seemed like a good idea. What’s the one thing that attracts the most attention when I’m out and about? Of course – the twins. No that’s not a euphemism – no one looks twice at me any more. However, at least every third person stops to look at the girls (still not innuendo, get your mind out the gutter!).

The plan was post it notes on the head, but that didn’t work. Even on their t-shirts wasn’t happening. They were too easy to rip off. I think the idea’s got potential though, so I’m off to buy fabric paint for next week.

What does yours say?

Where have they gone?
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