Walk the Plank game
As you can see we had lots of pirate fun!
Walk the Plank game
Ahoy there shipmate. Do you want to play the best game in the world EVER – according to my 4 year old? We’re a bit into pirates at the moment. My daughter spent lots of happy days over the summer playing pirates and sharks with her cousin, there was a pirate day at her school and two of our favourite parks have playgrounds in the shape of pirate ships. So this game, from the wonderful Orchard toys is perfect.
PA0386985Ooooh sparkly treasure.
The game is for 4-7 year olds and can be played by 4 players. The contents are bright and attractive, we particularly liked the little treasure chest with pieces of treasure. The game has four differently coloured dice which you roll together. This means every player can move every turn. I think this is a brilliant idea for children who are just starting to get used to turn taking and get impatient for their turn. You move your pirate towards the treasure but have to return to the start if you land on the “walk the plank” spot, making the splash sound effects.
There’s a shock – she’s first to the treasure!

This is a fast game which means there is no time to get bored. Even landing on the plank squares is fun as everyone shouts “walk the plank!” It’s a great way to practice maths skills of counting. My daughter was looking ahead each go to see if she would land on a plank square. I think this is a great first game for children just starting to play board games. It is so fun it’s suitable for all the family, younger children would be able to play this with help.

To order the game go to: http://www.orchardtoys.com/products/walk-the-plank/ 

We give it 5 out of 5

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, we received the game for the purpose of the review, however, the review reflects my honest opinion.