treasure chest

Do you need somewhere to store your pirate treasure? Every discerning pirate needs a safe yet stylish place to put all his wordly possessions. this treasure chest is functional AND economic as it is made out of a cardboard box!

You will need:

  • shoe box
  • foam sheets – brown and yellow
  • foam glue and pens
  • gold card
  • treasure

1. Cut the foam to the size of the box. Alternatively use brown card or paint.


2. Fold a piece of foam or card over the top of the box. Cut the foam into semi circles and glue onto the ends.

3. Decorate the box with gold strips around the edges. Use a piece of yellow foam or card to make a keyhole shape.

4. Decorate the lid with gold. I used a crown made out of glitter foam, but you could use gold card or foil.

5. Add treasure. Lots and lots of treasure. You may need to steal this off a pirate! We had gold and silver coins, rings, bangles necklaces and crowns. Most were from the party section of supermarkets.

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