It’s a great idea from katetakes5 this week. List your top 5 Keyword searches. At first I worried whether I would have anything interesting to say, as I’ve been blogging for such a short time. Then I realised it was brilliant. A genius idea. Writing about these topics would drive more traffic to our sites. Yay!

Unfortunately I do not have any naked blonde stories or anything funny like the other listography bloggers – suc as; Amateur bra red black stockings, Bitching, Kirsty Allsop’s big arse, pooping public or little green chaps

1. The most searched term is mary poppins practically perfect in every way. It was an early post that didn’t really go anywhere because I realised I might offend someone if anyone ever read my blog. It wasn’t even about Mary Poppins. Though if she’s listening please come and help us Mary – we need you!

2. Secondly, – as that’s my homepage it’s kind of obvious. I have a feeling it might have been me in the first month trying to find my page! Oops.

3. The next is cardboard box police car. I’m quite pleased with this because I searched for it before I made it and didn’t get any good results.

4. Number 3 is true friend – awww – how sweet!

5. Finally 1st birthday cakes for girls – unfortunately this wasn’t a recipe post so don’t think the googlers would have found what they were looking for. Also they probably didn’t want to make a chicken pox cake.  But it did taste nice.