I wasn’t planning doing a Wot so funny post this week. I tried to think of something funny the children had said but drew a blank. I tried prodding my daughter, offering her sweets but nothing doing, she just wasn’t funny.

This evening we had a lovely time after the twins had gone to bed playing snap with her keywords and as an added incentive to learn the words we had up for grabs a pack of lego minifigures. (By the way, as a primary school teacher, I in no way endorse bribery as a learning tool, not all the time, sometimes threats work too). She won of course and was so delighted with her little zookeeper prize decided to take it to her room. By seven in the evening my resistance is lowered and although I thought it was a mistake I said she could.

Story time over with no fuss, I had tucked her in and all was peaceful. I was just starting to load the dishwasher (honestly, I was – I was definitely not checking twitter – and if you think otherwise you can’t prove it – ha!) Then came the dreaded shout “mummy!” I took a ten second pause, shouted “go to bed” a few times then headed upstairs. You would have thought the world real monkeys were stealing her duvet from the pitch of her cries. Of course they weren’t. The stupid banana from the stupid monkey had fallen underneath her duvet.

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“Right, I’m putting it on the wardrobe,” I said, in my sternest voice, “and if you call me again then I’m going to be very cross.”

Pause. I start to head out the door.

“Mummy? Are you cross now?”

“No,” I reply, through slightly clenched teeth, “just a little bit annoyed.”

“Oh that’s alright then. Tell me when you’re cross and I’ll stop doing it.”

Wot So Funee