Sometimes I have the most amazing ideas. Well they seem amazing, when I’m at home safe and snug. When I try to carry them out it’s another matter.

My latest idea is a desperate bid to save money and to get fit all at the same time. We have recently gone down to one car. The MOT and tax were up so it seemed like a good idea while I’m not working. I can walk most places but some things, like toddler singing, are just a bit to far. I’ve been doing a bit of biking in the early evenings and we’ve got a trailer so it didn’t seem like too much of a leap to put the twins in the trailer, drop their sister, M.J. at school and bike the rest of the way to the music class. It seemed like a brilliant idea.

Of course I always decide these things five minutes before we need to have left the house. It was a lovely day and I always start to get a bit panicky on lovely days at this time of year. I’m scared of wasting them and regretting it when the rain and winds arrive. So I bundled the twins into their winter woolies, got the bikes out, struggled to get the trailer on and we were off. My daughter was so excited to be whizzing beside me on her bike. Fantastic.

We were soon within spitting distance of the school when the first disaster struck. M.J. stopped peddling and wouldn’t go any further. I’m not sure what had gone wrong, she was probably just a bit tired. I was a little in front of her and as I was trying to manouvere the bike and the trailer around a kindly old man came behind her and tried to help her out by giving her a push. She wouldn’t like this in normal circumstances, what made it bad was he had a big alsastian on a lead. the dog started barking and MJ began to cry. The poor man was only trying to help but of course it wasn’t a help.

We got into school just in time, but with MJ still sobbing and saying she never wanted to go that way again. Not the best start to the school day. All this faffing around had meant a bit more time for the twins to be sat still. They are generally alright if you are moving but quickly got bored and started to annoy each other. The trailer is great but a little bit cramped. Luckily after a few minutes one of the twins fell asleep so they were a bit happier. I also discovered that the route is pretty much all uphill. It’s fine when I’m on my on but very difficult with two 25 pound toddlers in the back.

The singing class was fine, although we were all a little more disheveled than normal and I wasn’t too keen on doing any of the bouncing and dancing. I managed to get the twins a biscuit before I left, so for a few minutes they were happy. As soon as the biscuits were gone they began to grumble and then to cry. The rest of the journey was to an accompaniement of crying and a lot of funny looks from passers by. I tried to stop and sort them out but soon realised I couldn’t work out how to stop without the bike falling over.

We got home safely if a little grumpy. When will I learn not to be so ambitious?

So if you’ve had a day like mine and have written a post about it link up below and I will administer virtual tea and sympathy. It doesn’t have to be a new post just link up anything from the week. If you’re a non blogger and want to join in then leave a comment at the bottom. Moaning, ranting, complaining, griping all welcome. Just come quick I may have eaten all the choccie biscuits- well I deserve it after all that biking!


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