I have been tagged in a meme about the best things about having multiples, by the lovely Tales of a Twin mum (who lives near my childhood home and the shopping centre where I once dressed up as a seagull – ok that news is probably only interesting to me but I get excited every time I see her twitter biog). She summed it up pretty well, the double cuddles, the attention, their twin bond. All these things are wonderful, but I don’t want to just copy them so here are my list of the slightly more unexpected bonuses about having twins.

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1. By far the best thing about having twins is winning every “who has it hardest” competition with singleton mums. When I was pregnant, I got nearly every symptom in the book. So any time someone complains I can say breezily, “oh yes, when I was pregnant with the twins, I had that.” It works for so many other things too: breastfeeding, sleepless nights, getting out the house.

 2. I now really appreciate the little things: drinking a hot cup of tea, not spilling a hot cup of tea, having a shower to myself, having five minutes with no toddlers sitting on my lap. Without having twins I wouldn’t have realised these things were so precious.

 3. Having a good excuse not to back to work.

 4. Being able to let myself go. I feel I have a duty to spend as little time as possible on my appearance – if I look too well groomed people will think having twins is easy, and I don’t want that.

 5. Having a good excuse why I’ve failed to do anything. If I’m running late, if I haven’t done the housework, if I’ve not returned a phonecall, if I’ve lost my credit card at the supermarket, I can just say, “oh dear, I have twins” and all is forgiven.

Oh and of course twice the mischief….

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