Right then. Whose had a bad week or a bad day? Come on in, sit down and take the weight off your feet. It’s hard being a parent, but sometimes you just need a good old moan, a shouty rant or just a bit of a whinge with a sympathetic listener and you’ll feel better. There’s tea and coffee, or a little something stronger if you really need it.

The weather’s got colder and all my girls are full of cold. Last week saw everything falling apart, literally. Just when we don’t need it, right before Christmas we’ve had all these unexpected expenses. Great. The laptops broken, I had a flat tyre on the car and now it isn’t starting properly, I had to pay back my maternity money. Just one thing after the other really. Good thing I’ve got a really high paid full time job. Oh wait, make that – did have.

But anyway, enough about me. If you’ve got a post about a bad day or week or year then link up. It can be an old one or a new one. Non bloggers leave a comment below – all welcome. The tea may be virtual but the sympathy is real.


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