A Day in the Life of a SAHM – in pictures 

The mission this week was to capture a day in a photo. The chosen day was Friday as it went by the rather special date: 11.11.11. I approached this with trepidation initially, as the day I had planned was full of busy nothings. Then I thought, actually that’s the point. To capture everyday life in all its mundane, everyday, run of the mill, ordinary, glory. To find beauty in the small moments we take for granted. To observe our life from the outside and see what makes it interesting.

Of course that’s all very well, but it makes it harder to know what to take a picture of. It’s easy to take photos on high days and holidays. I needed more of a focus, so decided to take a photo at eleven minutes past every hour. I could then look and see which turned out the best. As it happened, it was a day of highs and lows. A very typical day in the life of a stay at home mum. Discarded shoes, school run stress, toddler singing, playtime, nap time, after school clubs, cutting and sticking, watching night garden and finally collapsing. It was a day of getting things fixed (the car tyre) and needing to get things fixed (the pram tyre). It finished with the picture of my daughter sound asleep with a book over her head.

 It was good to have the forced discipline of carrying the camera all day. Having to take pictures of things which really happen, in the moment, rather than staged. These are the little things you forget but which are oh-so- important. The twins playing happily side by side totally absorbed with putting little people in and out of their houses. The look of total exhilaration on my daughter’s face as she skates towards me. One of the twins stealing off her sister’s tray. Little moments they may be, but put together they make something which is not little at all. My family.






Aaaaaaand relax!

So which picture sums up my day? It’s a hard decision, especially as when you look back it’s easy to focus on the bad things rather than the good. If I think back to the day the strongest memory I have is of the pram tyre being flat. We were already a little late for the school run and I had already got the twins into the pram, they weren’t very happy as they hadn’t had their nap that day, it had all gone wrong and they wouldn’t settle. Luckily I had the other pram to quickly swap them into.

However, I think the picture I like the best is the first one. It captures a small moment of everyday life. Without doing this project, I wouldn’t have had my camera with me, so would have missed it.

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