It’s amazing how reliant we have become on gadgets. There are so many things we couldn’t have dreamed about owning when we were little. I have a love hate thing going on with a few of my gadgets. I love my smart phone, but the actual phone bit is such a pain, people can always reach you. Luckily I have a habit of leaving it at home or in the bottom of my bag so if someone – shock horror does try to call then I don’t have to answer. Problem solved. Also I am pleased someone invented the washing machine – I don’t fancy using a mangle, but I wouldn’t say I loved it. The one thing which is definitely not on my list is a blue ray player. I remember standing around listening to everyone saying how wonderful it was when it first came out. To me it was like the emperors new clothes and I was the one shouting “can’t you see – he’s naked”. Actually what I was shouting was “at most it is 10% better picture quality” but no one listened. That’s the thing with new technology, you’ll love it and defend it to the ends of the earth.

So here’s my list of favourite gadgets:

1. Rewind able telly
I sometimes like to think back to the olden days when we had to stand up and turn over the TV. Gosh we had it tough. How did we ever cope? My four year old has no understanding of the fact on some TVs you still can’t rewind and pause TV or watch whatever you want when you want it. She can’t possibly know how difficult it was to have to wait for the next episode of your favourite program, or worse to miss the next installment of Dogtanian because you were at Brownies. But we shall remember and history will record our stoicism against these hardships.

2. Computers
It is incredible to have a wealth of facts at your finger tips. What is the capital of North Korea*? Or the second line of Mr Bigs nineties hit Im the one who wants to be with you**. I have no idea, but with The power of the net I can find it in seconds. And I’m a MAC in case you were wondering. I know there are detractors, but they’re sooooooooo pretty.

3. Cameras
There is something about a camera that still seems magical to me. How does the picture get in there? No one will ever be able to convince me that little pixies don’t sit inside and paint the pictures. I love photos, looking at photos, taking photos, editing photos. I love my slr camera as it takes some beautiful photos although I have no idea how to use it properly. I also love having a point and shoot. Its much smaller and less noticeable and the photos on my phone in case I’ve gone out without a camera.

4 Satnav
Remember how you used to have to get a map book and plan your journey? Remember how often you would get lost. Oh how we laughed when we arrived four hours late in a tense silence. Now we have a handy box on the dashboard to blame if we get lost. Fabbo.

5. Dishwasher
It may not be sexy but it’s made my life so much easier in the last year. All those thousands of bottles for the twins washed and clean while you have a cup of tea. Fantastic.

** Stand up little girl, A broken heart can’t be that bad