So the blogging world is once again taking part in a virtual game of tag. I was chased down by four lovely bloggers:

In return I have to share seven secrets and then track down 15 blogs and tag them. In return I get to keep this rather lovely badge.

ALrighty then here are my seven secrets.

1. Im a bit of scardy cat. Heights, scary movies, jumpy big dogs. Generally a complete wuss.

2. I always wanted to play Eponine in Les Miserables.

3. The first gig I went to was East 17.

4. The first single I owned was Chesney.

5. I am a bit obsessed with making pom poms at the moment.

6. The first time I was allowed to pack to go on holiday I remembered all the books I wanted to take but no change of clothes. I had to go out and buy a new pair ok knicks. Did the same thing the next time as well. I’m still not much better at packing but I always remember the underwear now.

7. I can sing “oh dear what can the matter be” in Ancient Greek. Useful huh?

Right so I’m now going to chase down some lovely bloggers and plant a bit smacker on them. Oh no that’s kiss chase.