Tired mummy of two is off for this weekend which gives everyone else a chance to share their favourite posts of the week. I think this is a lovely idea. It’s so nice to get a little pat on the back from someone.

So here are my favourite posts this week.

Multiple mummy @MultipleMummy Kerry, wrote about the phases children go through. This gave me hope things will get easier.

This post from Middle aged matron @ageingmatron made me laugh out loud. Everyone loves a double entendre.

I love little legacies from Penny at Alexander Residence @aresidence. This one makes me remember to treasure the little things.

I’ve bookmarked this one from trouble doubled @trouble_doubled for next June. No nonsense guide to birthday parties. Perhaps common sense will prevail and I will manage not to go over the top.

I had to include the wonderful birth announcement of babycafebebe Sam. Congratulations Karin at Cafe Bebe @cafebebe. How wonderful to have this record of your babies first days. Thanks to the staff at Peterborough hospital for not delivering him too late that evening so me and the rest of twitter could go to be once we’d heard the news.

Tired mummy of two @TiredmummyofTwo is rather impatient for Christmas. This made me realise I’d better start getting organised. I can’t believe it’s December this week. How did that happen?

Wendy at Savette Gazette @savvywendy wrote this moving piece about how her trials with the system has left her with no confidence and thinking about giving up blogging. So I will be one of the ones saying no to her. No don’t do it. Your blog is fab for anyone supporting children with special needs.

This post about PND from Mammasaurus @mammasaurusblog must have been difficult to write but still told with her characteristic wit and verve. I think it’s amazing when people are so honest and open about what they have been through. I’m sure this post will help others in similar positions.

Kate from Kate Takes 5 @KateTakes5 is at a turning point with her blog. Is she niche or pigeon holed? I’m hoping she will find out what a niche is and let me know!

Finally another Christmas post from Christine at Thinly Spread @christinemosler. This one is about a lovely Christmas Eve tradition. I love to find out what other people do at Christmas.