My daughter just bounced downstairs. Apparently it’s only two more sleeps until she can open her advent calendar. The thought of eating chocolate for breakfast clearly fills her with unadulterated delight. Well it would, wouldn’t it? For me I find the thought of December approaching a little scary. I wouldn’t say it fills me with dread more with worry. We are planning not to spend too much this year, luckily the girls are young enough not to know the difference between a new bike and one from eBay. Still the cost adds up very quickly.

I also start to have this panic, once December approaches. There are so many lovely christmas things I want to do and not enough time to do them. I know I have to be realistic. We can’t do everything. So I’m not bah humbug, I just think its arriving too quickly for me.

So this year I am planning on a quieter, cheaper and less stressful Christmas. The only problem is that doesn’t sound too exciting. What about you? Is Christmas stressing you out? Are you worried about money? Are you annoyed by the Christmas songs already playing in the shops? Or the long queues at the checkouts?

Come and link up your grumpy posts. They don’t have to be about christmas, whatever has got your goat. You link up and I’ll go put the kettle on. Don’t worry, there’s no mince pies. Maybe next week! All posts new and old welcome, or leave a comment in the comment box. Let’s turn that frown upside down.

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