I’ve always enjoyed being creative. Making things, painting things, sewing things, baking things. I guess I’ve always encouraged it in my daughters. Molly is four now and starting to have her own ideas. Although she enjoys doing projects with me, what she really likes is being given a big box of craft materials and being able to do wants with them. Luckily this is a big thing at her school and she comes home clutching her creations most days. I deserve a prize most of the time for guessing what they are supposed to be.

I think children have a natural desire to make things. I’m proud that she has her own ideas. The thing is, doing these sort of activities with your children is hard. Not the making part but all the tidying up after. Painting is messy, it gets everywhere and you have to put all the things away. I often wonder why I bother when I look round the kitchen and see the piles of craft things scattered on every surface. Then I look at Molly completely absorbed in what she’s doing, making something from her imagination and I know it is worth it. I know I will have to spend an hour tidying up. I know I will have to find a place for another one of her creations (or send it to one of her grandparents). I know the twins will wake up in the middle of what we are doing and I’ll spend the next hour trying to keep them away from the paint. Most of all I know it’s been an hour well spent.

All I want now is for someone to please tell me what on earth this is supposed to be?

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