Some days seem out to get you, to break you down and leave you sobbing on the floor like a baby. Some days throw everything at you, just for fun, to see if you’ll cope. I had a day like that on Friday. It started with a toddler alarm call at stupid o clock. Ha! An early start has no power to hurt me these days. Having two toddlers means the chance of getting up early is doubled. Getting up early meant I felt super organised. I had a load of washing on, the dishwasher changed the kids all ready for the school run all before eight. I don’t know where it went wrong but we were still running late.

Still I remained sanguine. I think this made the day even more determined to get me. After having no parent and toddler places at the supermarket, no double trollies, forgetting the eggs I needed to make the cakes I had promised for the school fayre, the twins falling asleep before we got home. Just lots of low level stress. I was fine. I didn’t let it get me down. That was until the thing I’ve been dreading happened. Every parents worst nightmare. I was late for school, the last one to pick up my daughter.

She was sat with the teachers, with huge sad eyes, giving me her last puppy dog in the pet shop look. That was the moment I knew the day had got me. I had done my best but I was defeated. I know she was fine safe and happy, chatting away with the full attention of the teachers, but I still felt like a huge failure.

Come and link up your grumpy posts. They don’t have to be about parenting, whatever has got your goat. You link up and I’ll go put the kettle. Now it’s December there might even be a sneaky mince pies. All posts new and old welcome, or leave a comment in the comment box. Let’s turn that frown upside down.

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