Nivana 2
Oh I am feeling so proud of myself for this one. I have just spent a very happy hour putting together this little mock album cover (and yes I did the washing up and mopped the floor before I started – stop nagging). So excuse me for a minute while I pat myself on the back.
I’ve been wanting to combine two pictures in Picnik but thought it wasn’t possible. This is something you can do in photoshop – though as usual it’s a little time consuming. In Picnic it’s pretty easy as long as you have the premium version, just look for it on google. Upload your two images and make sure you are happy with them. Choose one as the base layer. 
     ^At the bottom of the screen is a button called photo basket, once you press it you can view all your images. 
Just click and drag the second image you want and put it into place. Resize so it fits, or flip it. 
Use the clone tool to make sure the edges match up. If you haven’t used this tool before it’s brilliant. Make the brush quite small. Choose an area you want to copy, then press where you want that part of the image to be copied. This works well on small area but you do need to keep changing the selected area. This is how magazines transform their cover stars into featureless perfection. I’m always amazed by how easy it is. To get the best effect with cloning zoom the image so your are looking at it in detail and use a really small brush.
To transform my image into a mock album cover I resized so it was a square, added text and a shadow border. 
Ta da! That’s how you combine two pictures in Picnik One mock Nivana album cover. 
So, in case you thought this blog has transformed into’ll-never-get-a-boyfriend don’t worry. Tomorrow normal service, of passive aggressive man bashing, will resume. 
Hmmmm….unless I can think of any more album overs to alter.