I have honestly started to believe that John Crane is Santa Clause. I jumped at the chance to review one of their Lilliputiens dolls as they look so beautiful, I had no idea which toy I would receive to review, though I would have been happy with any. This is a really imaginative, and magical range of toys, with a fairytale theme. The doll we received was Baby Rose, absolutely perfect for us, as one of the twins is called Rose. As I was marvelling at how spot on the toy chosen was while I checked my emails and at exactly the same time it had arrived I had an email telling me all about it. Very spooky. 
The removable slippers were a big hit

The Baby Rose doll is lovely. It is really detailed for a toy for young children, with bright appealing colours and lots of different textures to play with. Having twins when you’re reviewing is perfect because one can have a play for the purposes of the review and then you can give the toy as a present to the other or Christmas. However, in this case, I think my plan has back fired as Charlotte loved the doll so much I think she will want it.
The Baby Rose doll comes with pyjamas, hat, nappy and blanket and a bee which are all great fun to play with. the doll also goes to sleep in its own beautiful flower shaped basket. The best part is the dolls hands have magnets in them which can be linked to hold onto the bottle. This doll is a lovely toy suitable  for any age child but especially for 18 month olds. 

All through December John Crane are doing an advent calendar on their blog. Every day is a new deal, for example, BOGOF deals or giveaways. Make sure you check it out for great deals. 

Disclosure: I was sent a Baby Rose doll for the purposes of this review. The views expressed are my own and remain honest.