Candy gift boxes
We’ve been enjoying a bit of last minute crafting and made some Rudolph Candy Gift Boxes to put sweets inside as a last minute gift. This was such an easy craft. The only tricky bit was putting the pipe cleaners in. It would work well as a gift for a teacher or a friend and is great as an activity for children to do themselves.
You need:
  • kitchen roll tube
  • pipe cleaners
  • brown sock
  • red pom poms
  • googly eyes
  • ribbon
  • bells
  • sweets
Put the kitchen roll tube in the brown sock.
Roll a pipe cleaner round your finger to make small circles.
Put small holes in the sock and push the pipe cleaners through.
Glue on the eyes, pom pom nose. Tie a bell on with festive ribbon.

We just need to buy some sweets to put inside. I’m thinking those red gobstoppers if you can still get them.