Cardboard box theatre
Introducing… our cardboard box puppet theatre. Molly has been making puppets using lollypop sticks for a couple of months now. I don’t know where she got the idea from. She has gradually made a whole little family of puppets out of craft materials and a lolly pop stick. I knew the next box we got would have to be turned into a puppet theatre to house them. Luckily we got one the right size.
This is a really great activity. It’s such an easy thing to make and encourages creativity and language skills. It also encourages a little bossiness streak, unfortunately as we the audience were not quiet enough for the performance. 
First I cut the box. I made a big square in the front then opened out the sides.
I reinforced the sides with tape so it would be stronger. 
We covered the box in coordinated paper. We painted the back. 
I stuck two bamboo canes from the garden cut down to size.
One is for the curtains and the other could be used for a backdrop, although we haven’t done this yet. 
The curtains are tied back with a short piece of material with velcro spots stuck on. 
Here it is with curtains opened, ready for the performance.
Curtains closed. 
We added some lights. 
We painted some letters with glittery, gold paint and stuck them on. 
Ta Da! Our cardboard box puppet theatre is finished. The show begins.
I’m looking forward to watching lots more performances in the cardboard box puppet theatre from now on. I may bring pop corn next time though. 
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