I  always find it hard to feel cheerful in the pre Christmas run up. Lovely as the festive period is, there is just too much to do, to feel content. The list seems to get ever longer and there is always just one more present to buy. There is something about the return to normality of January which my Spartan spirit longs for. It may be a bit bleak and depressing, but its good for everyone to have a return to a regular routine.

So although I have a slight feeling of anti climax there are still some things to be cheerful about at the end of the year.

1. I had a big disaster in December and the car was bumped on our return from the tots100 Christmas party in Butlins. This resulted in us having a teeny tiny hire car. Things couldn’t have worked out better for getting the car fixed. It was finished in record time just as we were travelling down south for Christmas. It’s such a relief that the whole thing is over and we have our car back.

2. An unexpected bonus of having the car serviced was that it was cleaned. It really, really needed a clean so it was a lovely surprise to have one thing knocked off my list of January jobs. I’m actually considering doing the same thing with the house. If I crash the house perhaps someone will clean it from top to bottom for me as well.

3. We had a lovely Christmas, full of presents, relaxing, and of course eating and drinking. Although I have been banned from putting any family photos on the blog, I think I’ll be allowed to include a sneaky one which was captured on Christmas Eve, much to the delight of my four year old.

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