I’m on a mission this week to submit a post for every category on the lovely shiny new blogging community Love All Blogs There are 19 categories in all and the only one that has given me pause has been SEN bloggers. I do not have children with SEN so I am reluctant to step to wade in and write a post saying what I think just for the sake of it. Then I thought about it for a minute and realised that although I don’t write about having children with SEN there are a number of blogs I read which do so brilliantly. I thought it’s be a great idea to highlight some of the brilliant bloggers who write about this topic as well as a whole host of other things.

As a teacher I taught many children with a wide range of special needs. My mum also works in a special school so I’m familiar with some of the difficulties encountered by families. I don’t mean the difficulties with the children: to the families I’ve met their children are not “children with special needs” they are just children. There are two things which seem to make things harder. The first is the bureaucracy, constant paperwork and box ticking, the fight to get a child onto the system, the fight to get the right label for the child, the right school, the right specialists, the right equipment. There is so little funding and it’s all tied up. A child has to meet exactly the right criteria to tick the boxes to get certain funding or places at special schools. But children don’t fit in boxes. So some children miss out and for their parents its a fight to get what they need to make life easier.

The other things is the stigma. Although it’s got a bit better, there is still a general ignorance of special needs. I’m constantly amazed by some of the attitudes some families are met with. Anyway enough of what I think, take a look at these fab bloggers and check out the Love SEN Blogs showcase starting every Monday for more.

Crystal Jigsaw is one of the top mummy bloggers in the country and an author. Her blog covers a huge range of topics as well as a dedicated section for special needs. She is very supportive of other bloggers and has a regularly updated blog promotions page for posts she has enjoyed.

Savette Gavezette is about raising awareness of SEN and autism. Wendy has four children, three of whom are autistic and her blog is a frank and honest insight into her life. She started #Special Saturday for people to post about special needs and raise awareness.

Looking For Blue Sky is from a Dublin based blogger who has three children one with asperger’s and one with cerebral palsy. She’s got the honour of being in charge of Love SEN blogs so I hope she gets lots of other posts this week.

The Rambling Pages is a funny touching blog which talks about, among other things, autism, asperger’s  and ADHD. Just watch out for the rats in her dustbin!

A Boy With Asperger’s which is a wonderful site full of information but also touching and heartwarming. I love the autism love list where family members talk about some of the good things about  their loved ones. You may need a hanky to read it though!

Cheetahs in My Shoes is a blog about a mother’s journey with her children one of whom has  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and has been diagnosed as hypermobile. It really shows the positive side to parenting with sweet stories, form the cheetah keeper, who has invisible cheetahs in his shoes (great book idea by the way) There is a lovely new linky where you can share something beautiful from your week too. 

Though writing this post I’ve been introduced to Just Bring The Chocolate a beautifully designed blog that is “an ever so slightly epic tale of an extraordinary battle to win back the ordinary”. I love the way this blog shows the positives in life and it is really beautifully written.

Oh mammy is a full time mum and perpetual worrier who shares stories of her life raising a child with autism.

So check out these fab blogs and make sure you visit Love SEN blogs on Monday!